Verrucae/plantar warts are benign epidermal proliferations, caused by Human Papilloma Viruses (HPV). The primary clinical manifestation of HPV infections includes common warts, genital warts and flat warts. Warts are common in children and adolescents; however, they may appear at any age. They are significantly more frequent in immunosuppressed patients.

Warts usually begin as smooth papules, and gradually develop into hyperkeratotic lesions. The most common lesion sites for non-genital warts are feed and hands. Non-genital warts can cause pain, tenderness and cosmetic disfigurement.

There is a variety of therapeutic modalities available for treatment of warts; however, they have limitations and do not always result in total clearance. Yellow light laser in the spectrum 585-595 nm has been successfully used for treatment of warts. Clearance rates as high as 99% have been reported for non-genital warts. Laser treatment of warts offers an effective alternative to the standard modalities such as cryotheraphy and silacylic acid.