Next-Generation ADVATx Platform Transcends Pulsed Dye Lasers

By Kevin A. Wilson, Contributing Editor

The multi-wavelength ADVATx platform from Advalight (Copenhagen, Denmark), provides outstanding results for vascular lesions without consumables or need for cooling via its 589 nm wavelength. And with the addition of the 1319 nm wavelength, ADVATx can treat a wide variety of common aesthetic indications safely and effectively, increasing versatility and ROI.

“With a similar wavelength; no need for liquid dye for the laser; or cooling during treatment, ADVATx is the nextgeneration alternative to the pulsed dye laser,” explained dermatologist David J. Goldberg, M.D., J.D., medical director of Skin & Laser Surgery Specialists of NY & NJ (with offices in New York City, New Jersey and Florida).

“We’ve known for three decades that the ideal wavelength range for treating vascular lesions lies between 585 nm and 595 nm, which provides clinically relevant absorption and depth of penetration for those indications,” Dr. Goldberg noted. “With this we’ve grown used to seeing purpura, needing cooling and replacing toxic dyes. However, because of ADVATx’s unique scanning system, which features several different sizes and patterns, scanning of larger areas is enabled, thus the laser is never dwelling too long on any one area. And it delivers enough energy for the desired clinical outcome.

“A course of treatment for a given condition will be about the same as with a pulsed dye laser: three to five for facial erythema; two to three for telangiectasia; and so on,” he added. “ADVATx gives us the utility of a pulsed dye laser without the associated untoward effects and expense.”

The clinical results are excellent. “In the years I’ve treated vascular lesions I’ve seen everything,” Dr. Goldberg said, “and I’ve now come to rely on the impact of ADVATx on vascular lesions, even port-wine stains, red scars, stretch marks and telangiectasia. Discomfort is minimal so I rarely need to use topical numbing cream. With a typical course of treatment, the patient will probably notice improvement after the second session. In fact, we have a paper that’s been accepted for presentation at the upcoming American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery (ASLMS) annual meeting on treating facial erythema with this device.”

According to Dr. Goldberg, the system is easy to operate and features user-friendly presets that make treatment a breeze. “With my experience I don’t rely on the presets, but they are excellent, accurate and very easy to use for the beginner. It breaks things down by skin type and the condition to be treated.”

“The inclusion of the 1319 nm wavelength adds utility and improves ROI,” he shared. “You can use it for acne, acne scarring, skin toning and more, all without disposables, which really makes ADVATx a valuable device to have in my practice.” It is also remarkably reliable. “Because it is solid-state and requires no consumables, ADVATx is relatively inexpensive to run. We’ve had it for more than a year and it never breaks down.”

“What it boils down to is that we have a tried and true, proven wavelength in ADVATx delivered in a manner that’s more effective overall. It delivers the great results we’ve come to expect when treating vascular lesions, but with minimal to no discomfort, and the added utility of the 1319 nm wavelength, with no consumables or cooling.”

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