Advalight is the company behind ADVATx and was founded in 2006 as a result of our founders PhD studies  at the Technical University of Denmark.
The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has a sales and service office in San Diego, CA, USA.

ADVATx is available through our network of global distributors.


Jacob L. Philipsen, PhD


20 years of management experience from high-tech companies in the fields of medical devices, photonics, sensors, and electronics.

Before joining Advalight, Jacob served as the CEO of RSP Systems A/S, an innovator in glucose monitoring solutions for diabetics. Prior to that, Jacob held CEO and senior management positions with the companies Flux A/S, Sonion A/S, NKT Integration A/S, and Teem Photonics S.A. At Sonion, he was president of the MEMS division and headed its divestment to EPCOS AG.

He currently serves on the board of directors of two medical device companies.

Travis Mahan, BSc


18 years of experience in the aesthetic medical device industry, having successfully launched numerous novel technologies.

From the first microdermabrasion system sold in the United States, to non-invasive fat reduction, to the latest breakthroughs in combining thermal imaging with Radio Frequency, he has continually been at the forefront of the industry.

Anders Bjerg, BSc Eng.

EVP International Sales EMEA & APAC

18 years of experience with sales and distribution management of medical devices.

Before joining Advalight, Anders was Sales Director at Natus/GN Otometrics, a world leader in audiological equipment, managing a network of distributors in EMEA & APAC. Prior to that, Anders worked 7 years with laser & IPL manufacturer Ellipse A/S managing EMEA distributors and a subsidiary in Spain.

Enrico Laçet, BSc

VP Operations

30 years of experience in manufacturing, supply chain management, R&D, and business development from high-tech companies working within MedTech and electronics.

As Operations Manager at Ellipse A/S after its acquisition by Candela Medical (US), Enrico oversaw a 300% increase of production output and a transfer to outsourced manufacturing in Mexico of the company’s aesthetic and dermatological laser systems.

Janni B. Rosfeldt, MSc Aud


16 years of accounting and financial planning experience. 

Before joining Advalight, Janni was Accounting Mgr. at GN Otometrics, a world leader in audiological equipment, and took part in its divesture to and integration with Natus Medical (US).

Janni holds a Master of Science in Business Administration and Auditing and has spent 7 years with Deloitte.

Morten Thorhauge, PhD

CTO & Co-founder

PhD in biomedical optics with a focus on light-tissue interaction and solid-state laser technology. Recipient of the Danish Optical Society Award in 2010. A co-inventor of the technology behind the ADVATx and the author of  more than 20 peer-reviewed articles. Morten was Advalight’s original CEO and has acted as the company’s CTO  since 2009.

Jesper L. Mortensen, PhD

VP Product Engineering & Co-founder

PhD in laser physics and co-inventor of the technology behind the ADVATx, Jesper is today responsible for all product development at Advalight.

Christian Helms-Olesen, BSc


18 years of experience within quality assurance, regulatory affairs, lean & six sigma.

Christian’s track record includes the position as director of QA & RA at GN Otometrics (Natus), a global leader in audiological instrumentation.

He also held senior management positions within QA/RA at Pnn Medical and Unomedical.

Board of directors

Patrik Dahlen, PhD

Chairman of the Board

-CEO, SSI Diagnostica

-Vice-Chairman at Leo Pharma

Patrik has more than 25 years of experience as an executive and board member in the life science industry. As CEO of the diagnostics company Dako, he headed its EUR 1bn sale to EQT. Furthermore, Patrik has held CEO positions in Immunodiagnostic Systems Holdings, Neurosearch, Fisher BioImage, and Chempaq, as well as various senior management positions in Perkin Elmer Life Sciences and EG&G Reticon.

Ole Kring, Msc


-Investment Director, VF Venture

Ole Kring is responsible for business development of the life science portfolio at VF Venture (Vækstfonden).

Before joining VF, Ole was CEO and co-founder of the veterinary diagnostics company Scandinavian Micro Biodevices (SMB), which was acquired by Zoetis in 2016 for EUR 71M.

Other past roles include Vice President for Alere (USA), CEO of NKT Innovation, Assistant to the board of directors in NKT and Kuwait Petroleum, and management consultant for A.T.  Kearney.

Søren Isaksen PhD.

Board Member

-CEO, Relibond

-Chairman of the Advisory Board for Innobooster at Innovation Fund DK

As CTO for the NKT Group and Chairman and President of the NKT Photonics Group, Søren was in charge of building up Denmark’s largest laser and photonics company.

Nis Alstrup, MD

Board Member

Chief Medical Officer and former CEO of Aleris Hamlet Hospitals. 

Board Member of Stemform ApSDansk Erhverv, and Otto Mønsteds Fond.

Nis is bringing deep medical and business insight into the aesthetic industry to Advalight’s board of directors.

Jacob Kildegaard Larsen, MSc Bus. Adm. & Commercial Law

Board Member

For 14 years, Jacob was the CEO of Ellipse, which he grew to become a global player and technology leader in IPL & laser systems for dermatology and aesthetics.

Today, Jacob is Chairman of the Board at Cortex Technology, a leading supplier of skin testing and cryosurgical solutions for medical practices and skin care professionals.

Niels Henrik Findsen, MSc Eng.

Board Member

As current Partner at Copenhagen Search Partners  and former holder of positions such as VP Sales & Marketing, FOSS and CEO, VELUX Danmark, Niels Henrik brings strong business acumen to the board. 

Jeppe Bygholm, BSc Eng & BA​

Board Member

VP Finance at Logpoint.
Jeppe brings experience from high-growth companies at the forefront of digitalization.

Jesper Liltorp Mortensen, PhD​

Board Member

Co-founder & VP Product Engineering, Advalight.

PhD in laser physics and co-inventor of the technology behind the ADVATx, Jesper is today responsible for all product development at Advalight with more than 20 years of laser development experience.

Clinical Advisory Board

Ron Moy, M.D.

Beverly Hills, CA

  • Board Certified Dermatologist and Dermatologic Plastic Surgeon
  • President, American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), 2011
  • American Board of Medical Quality, Medical Board of California 2005
  • President, American Society of Dermatological Surgery (ASDS), 2001
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, UCLA Medical School
  • Former Co-Chief of UCLA School of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery
  • Editor in Chief of Dermatologic Surgery

Serge Mordon, PhD

Lille, France

  • PhD in Laser Physics
  • Masters Degree in Strategy and Organization Management
  • Nominated as Finland Distinguished Professor in 2015
  • Professor, French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM)
  • Director, INSERM U 1189 ( Image Assisted Laser Therapies Assisted for Oncology)
  • Director, Photomedicine Center, Lille University Hospital
  • Authored over 600 published articles
  • Author of 16 issued patents
  • President, French Medical Laser Society
  • Board Member of numerous professional societies
  • Associate Editor, Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
  • Internationally recognized expert in laser-tissues interaction and laser applications in medicine

Carsten M. Philipp, M.D.

Berlin, Germany

  • Clinical Director, Centre for Laser Medicine, Evangelische Elisabeth Klinik Berlin
  • President of the German Society for Laser Medicine (DGLM)
  • Vice President of the European Laser Association (ELA)
  • Editor “Photonics & Lasers in Medicine” (PLM)

Steven D. Shapiro M.D.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

  • Board Certified, American Board of Dermatology
  • Founder, Gardens Dermatology & Cosmetic surgery center Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
  • Specialize in Lasers, Cosmetic Dermatology, General Dermatology, & Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery
  • Performed multiple FDA studies
  • Vol. Associate Professor, University of Miami
  • Chairman, Healthcare Underwriters Group of Florida

Our history

The story of Advalight began when Danish professor Peter Bjerring, MD, made an inquiry to the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Dr. Bjerring felt that the dermatological technologies available at the time were far too expensive and required too much maintenance. He believed that there was a need to modernize the technology by utilizing solid state laser technology and to create yellow-wavelength lasers that were simple to use and easy to maintain.

Via the DTU, two PhD students Jesper L. Mortensen and Morten Thorhauge who had already developed ideas about how to emit yellow light by using simpler technology, took up the challenge. In 2006, they put a team together, applied for funding, patented the technology, and started exploring the potential of solid-state yellow light lasers in the field of dermatology.

Advalight has produced the only dual wavelength (yellow and infrared),  solid-state diode pumped laser, ADVATx, into  the global  market. Advalight is ISO13485 certified and has obtained CE and FDA approval for sales of ADVATx in Europe and the US.


2006 – Advalight is founded at DTU, Technical University of Denmark

2006 – Funding by seed capitalist CAPNOVA

2007 – Proof of concept on patented innovation

2007 – Strategic decision of becoming OEM supplier

2007 – National investor Vaekstfonden makes first investment

2008 – Main patent publicized

2010 – Strategic decision of becoming a manufacturer

2012 – First clinical case studies show significant clinical results

2012 – Advalight obtains ISO 13485 certification

2013 – Advalight obtains CE mark for sales of ADVATx in Europe

2014 – Closes first distributor contract in Europe

2014 – Advalight obtains FDA 510(k) approval for sales of ADVATx in USA

2015 – Establishment of US Office in San Diego


… is to develop and market medical lasers based on a deep insight to the physicians’ working conditions and an intimate understanding  of patient needs.

By introducing a new technology built on solid-state laser technology operating in the  yellow and infrared spectrums, we support the modern physicians goal of improving patient results and experiences,  while reducing the clinic’s costs and use of consumables, all while adhering to the oath to ” First, do no Harm.”

…is to provide innovative, best in class laser technology to advance the treatment of unwanted skin disorders and conditions, while restoring dermal health.




… is to be the world’s leading innovator of medical dermatology lasers.

We will do this by creating the most advanced and effective medical lasers in the market for high demand procedures.