589 & 1319NM  the power 2 restore

Vascular, melasma, rejuvenation, acne, scars, tone, texture and more…..


The combination of high powered yellow and infrared laser energy to improve skin tone, texture and overall dermal health by targeting the vascular components of melasma, dyschromia, sun damage and unwanted pigment while simultaneously reducing wrinkles, limiting oil production and shrinking pore size. 


Combining pure yellow and high-powered infrared laser energy to eliminate rosacea, acne, acne scars and undesired vascular abnormalities such as telangiectasia, hemangiomas and venous lakes, restoring the skin to a more youthful and healthy state 

Off the table results ...without numbing or down time

As the world’s only solid-state laser producing both 589 nm and 1319 nm wavelengths, ADVATx has over 15 FDA/CE cleared indications including vascular conditions, acne, scars, warts and wrinkles. The unique combination of 589 nm, which penetrates down to 0.5 mm and is at the ideal absorption ratio of hemoglobin to melanin, and 1319 nm, which penetrates down to 1 mm and is selectively absorbed in water, providing the ideal solution to not only eliminate undesired superficial abnormalities, but provide total dermal restoration by stimulating the production of both collagen 1, 3 and 7 as well as elastin.


While the ADVATx is among the most sophisticated dermatology lasers in the world, it is designed to be one of the easiest to operate with preset treatment parameters for our most popular procedures. Operational within minutes with no toxic consumables or costly maintenance contracts.

Its unique intelligent design extends to all aspects of its technological development, and the Advatx core features (see technology section) have been designed to render the Advatx arguably the laser with the greatest safety profile.

All these features combine to make the Advatx one of the easiest lasers to delegate to non-Physicians, wherever local regulations permit.


With 15 FDA/CE cleared indications ranging from wrinkles and skin rejuvenation to melasma and acne, it’s not uncommon for our physicians to treat 30 or more patients per month with the ADVATx.